Who We Are

Civil ArSa Engineering Inc. is a professional firm of expert engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services to both the public and private sectors. Incorporated in 2008 to solely provide Construction Contract Administration services to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO), our largest partner, we have since widened our services and client base, and now make our broader expertise available to regional governments, municipalities, other consulting engineering firms, and various private partners.

With extensive experience, our team of professionals provides our clients a solid background of combined capability, proficiency, and fluency required on any assignment.

Our services

Contract Administration

We were founded predominantly as a specialized firm focusing on Road Construction Contract Administration and that legacy remains our prevalent expertise to this date.

Planning & Design

Our team of structural designers and engineers provide a powerful and proven approach using design and planning guidelines to translate the broad framework of your project into detailed principles.

Training & Development

We provide smaller organizations, municipalities and governments with specialized training in any of our areas of expertise. Moreover, we will customize a plan for you to develop the skills required in various fields.

Inspection & Testing

Each of our staff is cross-trained and certified in multiple areas of construction inspection, which can often save budget man-hours by performing multiple inspections on-site each day.


We have been providing consulting and advisory services in project management, contract administration, and design and inspection to a wide range of clients in public and private sector organizations.

Project Management & Control

Our team of project managers brings the expertise and tools needed to create and plan a guideline to bring your high-priority project to a successful completion and to deliver it within your fiscal guidelines.

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